Lieutenant Commander Robert Goodchild Newbegin III (February 5, 1907 – October 20, 1974)

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Lt. Cmdr. Robert Newbegin III

Lt. Cmdr. Robert Newbegin III

The following appeared in the 1927 edition of the Lucky Bag, the United States Naval Academy yearbook:

Robert Goodchild Newbegin 3rd

Brooklyn, New York

“Bob” “Francis” “Ponzi”

Bob is about the youngest one in the class and this, perhaps, explains why his ideas are so radically different from the Executive Department. He doesn’t seem to realize that those at the bottom get the worst of any argument in the Navy.
Although Bob is not so good when it comes to executive ability, as a financial wizard he stands alone. His grand coup with Wall street is known to all, much to every one’s dismay.
Academics hold no worries for him. Math is his delight and although now and then he went unsat, a little boning soon put him where he belonged.
To most everyone Bob seems to be a great big “don’t give a darn” boy, but to those that know him he is entirely different. Robert has a golden heart and smile. Big-hearted in every way and always ready to do his share to help along, and he doesn’t stop half way. A little noisy but as good as they come and his boisterous ways seem to suit him. A love of arguments seems to draw him in the limelight and if his facts are a little wrong he usually drowns out his opponents with tobacco smoke and a long-winded discussion on the “whichness of why.”
Tall, lanky, golden-haired, with an infectious smile, Bob, when he grows up and begins to see that life has its serious side, will take his place where his brains and his abilities belong – among those on the top of the heap.

Lt. Cmdr. Robert Newbegin III Signature

Lt. Cmdr. Robert Newbegin III Signature

Robert Newbegin III was a resident of Plymouth, Virginia.

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