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Dick Waits – World War II Letter

Dick Waits Letter

Dick Waits Letter

Dear Paul, Betty, Sue, an P.J.

Well I got your package today an it was swell, we really ate that cake up an we are on the candy now. I also got one from your mother too so we can eat most of the night we don’t do much at night so we can eat all the time.

Well does Paul know when he is going to the army I hope he never has to go an if you do Paul try to stay on that side. I’ll tell you the truth the boys over here really hated to hear that they were taking men with children an that is something, because the boys over here don’t have pity on very many people.

Well try to have a nice Christmas an show the kids a nice Christmas I sure would like to see them xmas day I suppose you are going to have a tree an all that. That is when Christmas is nice when there are kids.

Yours as always


Brian Davis – Christine Davis (Williams) – Ralph Scott Williams Jr. – Nellie Ruth Williams (Waits/ sister of Charles Richard Waits)

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