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Circleville, Ohio – Paul’s (Isaly’s) Dairy Store Article and Pictures

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Paul's Dairy Store Article

Paul's Dairy Store Article

During World War II, my great grand uncle, Charles Richard “Dick” Waits, and his brother-in-law, Paul Hang, were in Europe fighting the Nazis, while their families remained in the States. Paul’s wife, Bette, was in Circleville, Ohio with two small children and a business to run. Dick’s wife, Peggy, was in Lancaster, Ohio.

The following are excerpts from an article about Paul’s Dairy Store that appeared in the Circleville (OH) Herald in 2002:

Hang recalls ‘simpler times’ at helm of Isaly’s Dairy

5 cent cones, busy Saturday nights offer reminders of days gone by

By Mike Pratt – The Herald

Many fond memories are rooted in the Isaly’s Dairy Store that was once part of Circleville’s business district on West Main Street. It was located in the western side of the building that Block’s Shoes occupies today…

Paul Hang, half the operating muscle behind the store, is gone now. He died in February 1995, but his widow, Bette, remembers it all – from the day she and her husband moved in to the day it closed as Paul’s Dairy Store…

Having moved here in February 1943, it took only a year for the inevitable to happen.

Paul was drafted into the Army.

“I prayed a lot for him to come back while he was gone and I was on my own,” Hang said. “I never worked in the store and we’d only had it about a year. But it was an opportunity for Paul, and I wanted to keep it for him so he would have something to come back to after the war…”

Fortunately, during the war, Hang’s sister, Peg [Waits] Henderson, came from Lancaster to help.

Because Paul was wounded in Europe and his feet were frozen, Hang said it took him longer to recuperate…

Isaly’s eventually closed its Columbus plant sometime in the 1950s. That’s when the Circleville store was renamed Paul’s Dairy Store…

Paul’s Dairy Store closed in 1973 but the memories it created will be a long time dying.

The article, along with the pictures and descriptions below, were sent to me by Paul and Bette’s daughter, Sue Rizvi. I cannot thank her enough for the contributions.

Paul Hang Picture

Paul Hang Picture

The Kitchen at Paul’s Dairy Store –

Walk-in cooler/refrigerator behind Paul and large saw was used for bones in roast beef that he roasted and sliced for sandwiches, hot or cold.

Bette Hang January 1967 Picture

Bette Hang January 1967 Picture

Bette in the Kitchen –

Behind, but in front, of her is a potato cutter for French fries and behind is an orange juicer.
Dad made all of the foods he sold – potato salad, baked beans, roast beef, pimento cheese for the Deli section. At the lunch counter in the rear of the store, where all the local businessmen (and women) ate lunch and had coffee breaks, he made chili, vegetable soup, bean soup, fries, oyster stew, and pork tenderloin on occasion. Hamburgers from good, ground beef, and, of course, the soda fountain and ice cream dishes.

Modern Day Site of Paul's Dairy Store

Modern Day Site of Paul's Dairy Store

Brian Davis – Christine Davis (Williams) – Ralph Scott Williams Jr. – Nellie Ruth Williams (Waits/sister of Charles Richard Waits)

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