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Jackson (OH) 1942 Osky Wow Yearbook – Jean Williams

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Yearbook Cover

The Jackson County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society (JCOGS) has recently made copies of the Jackson (OH) High School Osky Wow yearbooks available in PDF format. I received the files yesterday for several years: 1937-1948 and 1968. The 1942 Osky Wow is the senior yearbook for my maternal grandmother, Madrith Jean Williams (Williams).

Jean was: an honor student, played Lola Pratt in the senior play Seventeen, on the student council, voted school citizen by the student body, and a band majorette. She was also compared to Lily Pons, a French-American coloratura soprano.

My great uncle, Don Williams, was a member of the Sophomore class and on the reserve basketball team. Bob Williams, my first cousin twice removed, was a member of the Freshman class.

Please check back, as I will be posting images from the rest of the Jackson (OH) High School Osky Wow yearbooks in the coming weeks.

Brian Davis – Christine Davis (Williams) – Madrith Jean Williams (Williams)

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