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Tombstone Tuesday – John D. Backus (1940-1940)

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John D. Backus, my first cousin, twice removed, was born 12/5/1940 in Corpus Christi, Texas.  He died of natural causes on 12/30/1940 at the age of 25 days.  John is the son of my great grand uncle, Arthur Burgoyne Backus, and his second wife, Anna Marie Flahie.  John is buried in the “Baby Land” section of Rose Hill Cemetery in Corpus Christi.  My wife and I visited the cemetery last August.  Most of the headstones around John’s were either missing or destroyed, but his is still standing.  We were struck by this and the headstone itself, with the inscription of “Gone to be an angel.”

Brian Davis – James Michael Davis – Georgia Lou Davis (Barlow) – Katie Maybelle Barlow (Backus/aunt of John D. Backus)

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